SashlockGuard for Door



The SashlockGuard, as the name implies, is a high security steel plate LockGuard kit to reinforce and strengthen the door around a mortice sashlock.  A door would have been weakened by the necessary chiselling and morticing during the fitting of a sashlock.  The Kickstop Universal keyway plates are bolted together, through the door and around the lock, to help prevent the door splitting during a 'kick-in' burglary.

The plates are supplied with four security bolts and fitting instructions.




Fitting a mortice sashlock, or deadlock, involves removing wood from the door

This leaves a very weakened area around the mortice lock

The Kickstop Door Reinforcer will help remedy this problem


The Kickstop LockGuards

The SashlockGuard is for use with a mortice sashlock 

The DeadlockGuard is for use with a mortice deadlock






240 x 75 x 3mm 

The top elongated hole is for the spindle

The lower 'universal' hole is for the UK keyway, Euro cylinder or Oval cylinder.

To be used with customers own lever lock furniture.


Mortice sashlock - for illustration purposes only