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The Kickstop range was devised by a long established firm of locksmiths and security retailers in East London.  Concerned about the growing trend for burglars to kick in a front or back door, they were aware that a door will split open (along the grain) where the door had been weakened as a result of morticing and lock fitting.


There is an inherent weakness in all traditional inward opening timber doors.

  • The strength of a good quality lock is not in question
  • A door and frame would split open and fail during a forced entry


The main areas of weakness on an inward opening door are:

  • The door itself - around the mortice deadlock or sashlock.
  • The door frame - around the mortice lock striking plate.
  • The door frame and door - around the hinge.
  • The door frame around the rim lock staple.


  • Kickstop has developed several products to deal with these security issues
  • Kickstop door and frame reinforcing and strengthening products have been Made in Britain since June 1988.
  • There are now around 250 products and finishes in the range and all of them are available to buy via this online store.
  • Most Kickstop products are suitable for DIY fitting and are 'easy' to fit.  Usually the most difficult process is actually deciding which product is best suited for the door or doors you intend to strengthen and reinforce.



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