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The Birmingham Bar is very highly recommended by police and security specialists to strengthen a door frame against 'kick-in' attack

It is a multi-purpose flat security bar mainly used to strengthen the hinge side of the door frame on inward opening doors.  If only mortice locks are fitted to the door (ie. there is no rim lock staple on the frame) the Birmingham Bar can also be used to strengthen the frame on the locking part side

On an outward opening door it can be used on the external face of the door frame on both sides.  It will then resist chisel or jemmy attack to the frame but must be fitted using security screws or bolts

A packet of 2 1/2" long No. 10 hardened steel woodscrews is supplied.  If these screws are used to fix the bar externally (as an alternative to using security screws) we suggest that the screw heads are burred over (after final fixing) to help prevent unauthorised removal


Guidance Notes

Most of the bars are available in three lengths and two widths of steel

  • Please read through the following - before ordering
  • The Birmingham Bars are available in different lengths, widths of flat solid steel bar and colour
  • Check the available width of flat door frame before ordering - as there may be architrave already fitted. The width of flat wood available on the door frame is important in helping you to decide on the width of Birmingham Bar to order - either 5/8" (16mm) or 3/4" (20mm) wide
  • Decide on the width of Birmingham Bar required - 5/8" (16mm) or 3/4" (20mm)
  • Decide on the length of Birmingham Bar required - 26" (650mm), 72" (1830mm) or 78" (1980mm)
  • Decide on the colour/finish required


Enlarged illustration of Birmingham Bar - click here