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Kickstop StapleGuard - Universal Staple

Product Code: 2004 WH
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  • Description

  • Code: 2004 WH
  • 'Universal' size 'D' shape staple to fit over lock staple/keep which is 30mm x 97mm - or less
  • White Colour
  • A four bolt steel StapleGuard for most sizes of staple
  • 20mm wide
  • Bolt through version of the London Bar
  • To Reinforce and Strengthen Wooden Door Frame

The fixings allow the internal size of the staple to be 'reduced' from 97 to 70mm.  Perfect for customers who are unsure whether to purchase a Standard or Large size staple

2004 plate dimensions - 300mm long x 20mm wide x 5mm thick - Rounded Edge - White

NB: If you are unsure about the suitability of this product - we suggest you look at More Information

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